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An hour into the ferry journey, the tree-lined hills give way to sheer limestone cliffs which gradually close in until it looks like you’ve run out of lake. Just as you conclude you’re heading straight into the side of a mountain, the water opens up again and you turn into a narrow passageway between two vertical walls of rock.

The Valbona Valley, at the heart of the Albanian Alps, is a two-hour drive from the ferry’s Fierzë terminus. It’s flanked on each side by high mountains.

Komani Lake needed a ferry that serves throughout the year and making the transfers to domestic and foreign tourists, vehicles of any type. So, in 2014 we created Ferry Berisha that joins and also comes to the aid of line doubling Dragobia Carrier, adding capacity, with over 70 seats and over 250 people sat in total, where each customer can be satisfied with our services.
27 April 2015, for the first time began Berisha ferry line bearing the beginning an extraordinary success, considering the demands of tourists or occasional travelers have chosen departure schedules from Komani-Fierze and Fierza-Komani.
Berisha and Dragobia Ferry having various capacity and services, joining the daily commute transporting over 20.000 people per year from different countries and states.

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